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Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1 "Town-Twinning”

Participation: The project involved 337citizens, notably 160 participants from the municipality of Keť (Slovakia),  

10 participants from the municipality of Cieszanow (Poland), 48 participants from the city Diósd (Hungary), 20 participants from the municipality of Lázi (Hungary), 45 participants from municipality Brincovenesti (Romania), 19 participants from the municipality of Kéty f(Hungary), 35 participants from the municipality of Kęty (Poland).

Location/ Dates: The event took place in  Keť, Slovakia, from  18/08/2017  to  19/08/2017

Short description: 


The day of 18.08.2017 mayor of municipality Keť officially welcomed the participants of the event, presented the project idea, the individual partners and their role in the project, the history and reason of the cooperation. In the evening, an official meeting of representatives of partner cities and municipalities took place to conclude an agreement on future cooperation on EU projects, presentations of local activities, sharing practical implementation issues (preparation, implementation and evaluation of the project, presentation of best practices). This day was dedicated to highlight the importance of cooperation in common projects and the important role of partner representatives in active cooperation at international, national, regional and local levels. The partnership of towns and cities has been presented as a way of actively promoting EU principles. In the evening presentation of folk group of participating countries and concerts took place.


The day of 19.08.2017 was dedicated to discussion about Euroscepticism and its impact on the future of the EU. The participants of the project had been explained the benefits of EU policies, EU achievements, knowledge of the opportunities provided by EU to its citizens and cost of no Europe. Participants also focused on the debate about the future of Europe, presentation a long term vision of the EU, the European Parliament elections 2019, instruments of civic participation on the EU policies making process. Emphasize was given to pro-European values and strengthen active perception Union Membership at the general public. Citizens of EU were encouraged in active participation on EU affairs by strengthening the principles of democracy, openness and active cooperation with the local authorities, to promote solidarity, cohesiveness, respect based on different cultural principles. In the afternoon the workshop "Voluntarism" took place, focused on active form of participation of youngsters on local level, development of communities; tool of raising level of competencies of young people, the contribution of voluntarism to the competencies related to the labor market, discussion about positive aspects of voluntarism such as put the core EU value of solidarity into practice, acquire skills and experience, the introduction of the European Solidarity Corps. Creative activities supporting the educational process towards tolerance and diversity of nations in the EU were prepared for the youngest. Children could see the diversity of traditions, costumes, habits, language and culture of the European Union's citizens.

As a part of the cultural and sports activities there was prepared traditional market (folk traditions, presentation of national cuisines, food presentations), football matches among participants countries, exhibition of handicrafts in daily stationary retirement, visit of Military Historical Museum in Pohronský Ruskov, Cultural Evening focused on learning about cultures, traditions and customs of the peoples living in EU.

During the event there was a convergence of thought and values ​​of participants, presentation of the customs, traditions, formal and informal discussions, the presentation of cultural heritage.